Engineering and Integration

OPTiMO understands federal agencies’ need for systems and applications to communicate more efficiently across the enterprise. We have performed systems integration in some of the most complex enterprise environments under the strictest security and accessibility requirements. Our experience also spans various systems integration approaches, including open architectures such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Application Program Interface (API), and Microservices.

In addition to creating cohesive architectures that enable our leading-edge web and mobile applications, OPTiMO’s design and systems integration solutions increase efficiencies and reduce technology costs for our customers.

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  • Modernization

    OPTiMO excels at creating secure, custom modernization solutions that effectively integrate with our customers’ existing technology infrastructures. We leverage the capabilities of existing systems while integrating modern functionality, working closely with customers to ensure our integrated strategies and plans are tightly aligned with their strategic goals. Incorporating our expertise in platform development, legacy systems, and systems analysis, OPTiMO’s modernization solutions enable the effective exchange of enterprise data and function seamlessly within existing infrastructures.

  • Business Process Automation

    Business process automation is a critical component of government agencies’ digital transformation journeys. With a proven, multi-step process to ensure excellence, OPTiMO effectively automates complex business processes with best-in-class technologies. In addition to connecting enterprise data, our business process automation service helps our customers improve service quality and efficiencies as well as make better-informed decisions.

  • API Development

    OPTiMO’s development of multi-endpoint client applications in the cloud and on mobile platforms requires the implementation of robust, secure, and scalable APIs. Our approach to API development, which includes comprehensive functional and load testing, emphasizes the development of clear usage goals for each interface, including business functionality and scalability goals. Equally important, with deep experience leading end-user and production systems support, we know the critical importance of clearly defined, documented, tested, secure, monitored, and observable APIs. Our comprehensive API development service consistently reduces the risk of rework.