OPTiMO, a Microsoft Azure-Certified vendor and Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner, builds cloud computing into many of the end-to-end solutions we develop. With extensive experience helping federal agencies smartly migrate to the cloud, we eliminate the limitations of their outdated legacy systems and tools, including those related to resource elasticity, security, reliability, scalability, and processing power.

OPTiMO tailors our flexible cloud solutions to our customers’ specific needs, resulting in significant improvements in connectivity, accessibility, and security as well as deployment speed and operational efficiencies.

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  • System Modernization

    OPTiMO’s system modernization expertise boosts efficiency, reduces time to market, and improves user experience. By modernizing customers’ IT operations, we also enable them to reduce development, operating, and maintenance costs. Our planning approach starts with a feasibility study to determine the best type of migration – whether a complete move from on premise to the cloud, or support of cloud native services. We carefully assess each component based on expected gains or losses, cost, time required to deploy, and skills required to create the detailed project plan. The result is specific, low-risk recommendations for a future state architecture that delivers next-generation capabilities and benefits, including highly productive remote working, along with roadmaps that meet and exceed IT modernization goals.

  • Hosting SaaS

    OPTiMO designs and develops portable solutions that can be deployed on premise or to a government-approved cloud host. Many government agencies are moving to cloud-hosted infrastructures, as they are elastic, resilient to loss of service, and offer multiple redundancies. With deep cloud expertise, OPTiMO is adept at transferring applications to other hosting sites. In fact, we’re a Microsoft Azure-Certified vendor and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner authorized to deploy to both Azure Government and AWS cloud platforms.

  • Implementation

    OPTiMO uses our customers’ operational goals and IT enterprise vision as our starting point for innovating tailored and highly effective cloud solutions. Our comprehensive infrastructure assessments, cost analysis, and risk analysis help us determine the most effective mix of cloud and in-house computing. Equally important, our cloud strategy development plans meet exceptional quality standards, providing customers with a feasible and measurable implementation roadmap for achieving their goals and vision. Among their numerous components, our roadmaps list specific training and skill requirements to help organizations through their journey of cloud adoption – from initiation to implementation.