Design and Development

OPTiMO has been designing and developing user-centric, high-performance mobile and web applications for federal government customers since our founding in 2008. Along with expertise across a broad range of programming languages, platforms, and the most modern, proven technologies, we also support the design and development of business and systems applications.

We have proven, stringent quality practices embedded in every phase of our design and development process, including those for requirements analysis, information architecture and wireframing, visual and user interface design, development, implementation, testing, and integration. By rigorously and consistently ensuring highly scalable, secure, and efficient applications, we transform each customer’s project vision into a resounding success – every time.

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  • User Experience/User-Centered Design

    OPTiMO’s design process starts with a focus on the user experience and ends with easy-to-use, human-centered products that are tailored to suit targeted users. Throughout our highly efficient and iterative process, our experts develop and execute user research, persona-based methodologies, structured blueprints, and working simulations that expose critical usability features early on. OPTiMO’s proven approach results in high-quality, modern applications that are not only visually engaging, but also empowering to the users of those applications as well as the federal agency itself.

  • Application Development

    OPTiMO’s in-house development team builds responsive, beautiful applications on multiple client platforms including iOS, Android, and the web. We maintain expertise in rapidly evolving technologies such as React and Angular, more popular frameworks such as Dojo and jQuery, enterprise-grade server-side technologies like Java EE and Spring, standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, and still-popular technologies like PHP and CFML. In addition to seamlessly integrating with modern and legacy back-end systems via API gateways, OPTiMO’s applications include embedded analytics to enable continual improvements in user value and engagement.

  • Sustainment

    OPTiMO’s full life cycle expertise – spanning ideation through operations – ensures consistently reliable and highly sustainable applications. For example, we leverage modern application development life cycle workflows such as CI/CD to ensure maintainability, modularity, and security. We also maintain a strong network of legacy technology experts so we can support our customers’ existing technology stack while helping them modernize along their digital transformation journey. Customers rely on our sustainment expertise to ensure efficient continuity of operations, secure infrastructures, and up-to-date codebases.