Our Culture

At OPTiMO, we all contribute to our positive culture, which is empowered by our core values, training and growth opportunities, and open communications at every level. Our collaborative team members treat one another with kindness, genuinely enjoy working together, and respect a work-life balance for everyone. Equally important, our senior leaders are accessible, transparent, and value employees’ perspectives.

Staff members enjoy their work experience at OPTiMO, as evidenced by our exceedingly high retention rates for program leadership and employees overall.

Our Vision

Earn the long-term trust of every employee and client.

Our Mission

Effectively connect the right people, ideas, and technologies to deliver exceptional solutions.

Our Core Values

  • We lead with integrity.
    This means we are always honest, decent, and respectful to actively earn the trust of others.
  • We achieve excellence.
    This means we strive each day to meet the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our roles as individuals and team members.
  • We get it done.
    This means we go above and beyond to continuously succeed for our customers and OPTiMO.
  • We foster a team environment.
    This means we are consistently reliable, inclusive, and friendly, with everyone contributing to a professional working environment.
  • We care about each other.
    This means we are empathetic and helpful and that we honor and support everyone’s wellbeing.
  • We easily adapt.
    This means we are flexible, always able to effectively change, pivot and adjust to evolving or new circumstances.
  • We seek new ideas.
    This means we encourage creativity and are open to fresh thinking and approaches.