Innovation Solutions and Research

At OPTiMO, delivering innovation solutions starts with thinking about a customers’ challenges in new ways. Our experts provide interactive visuals in the initial stage of developing applications so customers can see realistic depictions of our ideas. Throughout this process, we continually look outside the box for ways to improve the ideas and applications, rapidly refining as we go.

OPTiMO’s curiosity and creativity enable us to dig deeper, push boundaries, and develop smart ideas and solutions that maximize outcomes for our federal government customers.

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  • Emerging Technologies

    OPTiMO’s early prototyping expertise generates meaningful insights that add significant long-term value to the solutions we develop for customers. We take a comprehensive, quality-driven approach when developing early visual and functional prototypes, including wireframes, site maps, content audits, structured blueprints, and even working simulations to demonstrate look, feel, and function. Our early prototypes also include preliminary products that get us to testable features earlier. Equally important, our early prototyping process reveals opportunities to innovate more effective solution approaches – including emerging technologies when they’re better suited to deliver on our customer’s goals.

  • Design Concepts

    OPTiMO’s experts develop smart design concepts focused on maximizing solution outcomes. With our rapid prototyping process, combined with Agile, we quickly engage customer stakeholders, validate requirements, and convey ideas. Equally important, we use our range of early prototypes to elicit feedback early and often during the design phase as well as to estimate solution resources. It all adds up to an improved digital strategy process and optimized end products.

  • Pilots/MVP

    OPTiMO’s rapid prototyping expertise allows our team members to work closely with customers to explore new ideas and even new platforms as product development progresses. Our iterative process in the early design phase of application development not only proves that innovative features are achievable, but also enables improvement opportunities and new insights to emerge. OPTiMO’s proven approach enables us to pivot with the customer’s feedback, avoiding unnecessary development cycles later on.