OPTiMO is highly adept at solving the significant data challenges inherent in large, public-facing web and mobile application technologies, including transforming large volumes of confusing data into clear, meaningful, actionable insights. Our collaborative team of data scientists, database developers, business analysts, and web developers leverage complex data to innovate solutions that tell our customers’ stories more effectively while also meeting the highest quality standards.

Our comprehensive data expertise also includes assessing trends and patterns, evaluating website usage across numerous critical categories, and analyzing correlations between outreach and website traffic to help them reach millions of new users every year. We’re proud that federal government agencies rely on OPTiMO to improve their digital assets and mission performance.

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  • Visualization/Business Intelligence

    OPTiMO’s analytics experts systematically collect, analyze, and report on the performance of digital assets, effectively capturing key indicators, behaviors, and data metrics. We then use those results to create inviting, understandable visualizations that enable our customers to make sense of – and smartly act on – their complex data.

  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

    Government agencies are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies across their IT enterprises to automate analytical model building. OPTiMO develops exceptional, custom-tailored solutions powered by machine learning/artificial intelligence, resulting in smarter, faster, and more scalable applications. Our expertise includes developing applications that learn from user behaviors and interactions. This built-in predictive intelligence enables not only improved insights for our customers, but also more natural, engaging experiences for their users.

  • Data Management/Governance

    OPTiMO’s data management and governance service meets outstanding quality standards, ensuring our customers’ data is collected, stored, and used securely and efficiently. For our government agency customers, this results in cost-efficient access to data, an ability to leverage data across diverse tiers and platforms, and more effective use of data in applications and analytics. We also enable highly reliable disaster recovery/backup and compliance with security, privacy, and retention policies.