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OPTiMO-IT and RantNetwork to develop groundbreaking mobile translator.

Posted on April 27, 2011

OPTiMO-IT and RantNetwork speak each other’s language. IT duo team to develop groundbreaking, mobile translator.

Bloomsburg (PA) based OPTiMO Information Technology LLC and RantNetwork, Inc have teamed to develop a first-of-its-kind, smart phone-based language translation application.  The “Communilator”, utilizing state of the art language engines, will perform translations in 60 languages (over 3,500 language-pairs).  Initial capabilities will include Text-to-Text translation, e-mail and SMS integration and the ability to review, edit and customize previous translations.  Image processing, capable of recognizing and translating foreign text (such as books, posters, and menus) from mobile phone images and high quality Text-to-Voice capability that will translate and speak results back in the selected language are additional, unique features the “Communilator” boasts.

The “Communilator” will initially be launched on the iPhone with Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile platforms to follow shortly thereafter.

Founded in April 2008, Bloomsburg, PA based OPTiMO-IT was established with the mission to provide high-level, enterprise Information Technology service solutions throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania.  OPTiMO-IT’s commitment to satisfying clients’ end-state vision, combined with their progressive and collaborative approach of fostering a strong partnership between its staff and clients, has seen OPTiMO-IT grow into a premiere IT solutions corporation with a broad and diverse service portfolio spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. For further information, please visit www.optimo-it.com.

Founded in January 2008, RantNetwork has become the Leader in Image and Text Translation Services for the Global Communications Market. RantNetwork’s early vision of a mobile application which combines the text scanner function with machine translation technology was an industry first. The labors of that vision have given birth to Communilator, a “best of breed” solution based on the fusion of mobile, internet and machine language translation technologies incorporating the latest voice synthesizers and photo recognition technology available. For further information, please visit www.rantnetwork.com.