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OPTiMO Digital Forensics Opens Doors

Posted on June 24, 2011

OPTiMO Digital Forensics Opens Door to the Future of Digital Investigation for Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania

During an Open House today at the Bloomsburg (PA) Keystone Innovation Center, locally based OPTiMO Information Technology, LLC introduced the region, to OPTiMO Digital Forensics.  OPTiMO-IT CEO, Michael Miguelez, and OPTiMO Digital Forensics Vice President, Heather Spillane, unveiled their new state-of-the-art laboratory that features a level of equipment and forensics analysts typically only found within the hearts of major cities. The event attracted a gathering of government, community and business leaders in addition to area media outlets.

The opening of OPTiMO Digital Forensics marks a significant advance in the region’s digital investigation capabilities and they do so with a very clear mission – Provide elite-level Digital Forensics services to government agencies, corporations, law firms and any type of organization that requires the specialized skills necessary to investigate and construct a legal case from 0’s and 1’s, aka Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

To this end, OPTiMO Digital Forensics is prepared to meet the demands of every facet of digital investigation.  With a laboratory equipped to successfully navigate the rigorous, yet delicate nature, of System Forensics, Mobile Forensics, eDiscovery and Network Forensics. These tools, however, are useless without the supreme skills and wealth of knowledge brought to the table by OPTiMO Digital Forensics’ analysts.  For security purposes, and as a safeguard for the cases OPTiMO Digital Forensics is investigating, protocol dictates strict anonymity for all of its staff members. OPTiMO can reveal, however, that they have proudly drawn upon local talent, which touts experience at the highest levels of commercial and government sectors, under the most demanding security parameters.

With its doors now open in the Keystone Innovation Center on Market Street in Bloomsburg, PA, OPTiMO Digital Forensics has brought the future of ESI investigation to our region – Today. For more information, please visit OPTiMO Digital Forensics on their website: https://www.optimo-it.com/services/digital-forensics/