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Front-End Developer


Job Description


  • At least five (5) years of work experience as a Web software developer.
  • Experience with building front-end user interfaces both using Javascript frameworks and traditional MVC/JSP techniques. Experience coding web-based applications with REACT
  • Fluency in CSS3, HTML4/5, and Javascript.
  • Flexibility in development languages
  • Knowledge of responsive design and its application.
  • Understanding of accessibility standards and experience implementing compliant interfaces.
  • Supporting client digital transformation, including:
    • Working together with project/program leaders and designers to help clients through fear and uncertainty to champion adoption of modern stacks.
    • Experience with managing technical debt.
    • Ability to develop and propose solutions to incompletely defined problems
  • Experience working in a team where you are not the sole developer, including
    • Understanding of testing and reproducibility.
    • Understanding of how to structure your code for automated builds.
    • Consistently estimating levels of effort and technical tradeoffs.
    • Code reviews and coding-for-others
    • Agile methodology – timeboxing, sprints
  • Understanding integrating with third party systems
    • Basic database/query language understanding
    • Web services

Helpful Experience:

  • Time as a consultant
  • Integrating UIs with content management systems
  • SEO/website analytics tools (using, designing for)
  • Tech stack:
  • Most common:
    • Java 8/11; Spring; Tomcat; Bootstrap; React; Oracle/Postgres; Linux.
  • Occasionally:
    • PHP, Dojo
  • Common Tools:
  • Eclipse, Subversion, git; Docker; Artifactory; Jenkins; JUnit; Selenium; JMeter; VersionOne; ALM; ServiceNow.

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