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8 Steps to Using Digital Evidence in Legal Matters

Posted on April 6, 2016

1. Call the Experts

Call us toll free at 877-564-8552 ext 3. And call us often. The digital-forensics experts at OPTiMO Information Technology have enough experience to know that the sooner you call and ask questions, the more winning cases we can deliver to you. When you call, our specialists will furnish you with prompt, game-changing advice about how cutting-edge technology and digital evidence can help you and your clients win your cases.

As pioneers in the field who bring twenty years’ experience to OPTiMO IT, we witness countless instances in which technology, digital evidence and forensics specialists can and should be used in legal cases. The experts at OPTiMO are qualified to offer advice regarding such times, what technology could be used to help your specific case, and a budget range for firm and client review and approval.

2. Develop a Strategy

OPTiMO can help you craft Pleadings and Discovery requests that best position your client’s case. OPTiMO can also help your clients prepare for and respond to discovery orders.

3. Navigate the Legal Process

OPTiMO can help you through the various legal processes to subpoena electronic devices and seek court orders requiring the same.

4. Collect and Safeguard the Data

Leveraging twenty years of trial experience, our special acquisition team is highly skilled at properly and legally retrieving electronic evidence so it is safeguarded, protected and preserved for full evidentiary use at trial.

5. Find the Evidence

We specialize in analyzing electronic devices and media and securely safeguarding the evidence from collection to production. Our proprietary process, controls and capabilities ensure evidentiary integrity and security. Our advanced technology enables OPTiMO to deliver results two to three times faster than our competitors.

6. Analyze and Present Findings

Our proprietary process distills millions of data sets into concise, easy-to-read reports designed to quickly assist our clients with preparations to use the electronic evidence in strategy, pleadings and trials. Our concise, comprehensive reports assemble the findings, timelines, infographics and other data presentations showcasing the best ways the data can support the client. Plus, we are readily available to quickly discuss the findings, strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and the application of the findings to the case.

7. Testify / Expert Witness

When it matters most – at depositions and trials – OPTiMO experts provide the maximum client value as our experts’ 20-plus years of trial experiences calmly deliver convincing testimony and facts in support of case-critical evidence in a court of law better than any firm in the nation.

8. Capability Marketing

OPTiMO’s team meets and coordinates with your firm’s marketing team to give you every tool necessary to showcase our unique digital forensics capabilities to existing and prospective clients in order to attract interest, discussion – and more cases to win. So call OPTiMO for free. No obligation.