OPTiMO Information Technology Announces the Launch of the PAID System

Scranton, PA The Center of Independent living (CIL), headquartered in northeastern Pennsylvania, launched a new payroll & accounting system in collaboration with OPTiMO Information Technology
P.A.I.D. (payroll accounting informational database) was successfully launched in late February and has been received with great enthusiasm by its user base.  P.A.I.D. replaces the former HALO system which was a heavily customized Microsoft Access framework with Medicaid billing application fully implemented to support its Pennsylvania operations.  Over time, this HALO system was not scalable to the raw number of client transactions performed on a monthly basis.

Designed from the ground up, P.A.I.D. was designed, developed and implemented with a web based application using Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server technologies.  This included replicating HALO’s existing functionality while adding additional features and functionality to improve efficiency and provide integration with the Center of Independent Living’s payroll and accounting applications.  P.A.I.D assists in budget, rates, custom timesheet intelligent analysis, and the ability to handle both simple user mistakes all the way to flagging entries against fraud detection.

“PAID is much better than Halo” according to Diane Alberigi, Payroll Supervisor for the Center of Independent Living. “Paid has faster data entry time and more efficient, in that the Personal Service Worker’s (PSW) demographic information. It only has to be entered one time, and it gets attached to each consumer, as opposed to being entered time and time again as they work for an additional consumers.   Also, Payroll is running much more efficiently.  This payroll period we processed more timesheets prior to the direct deposit deadline than we ever did before!  That means more workers (PSW’s) love us and less phone calls with problems!”

The P.A.I.D. framework is used in conjunction with both faxed timesheets and the ACES$ online timesheet entry system.  ACES$ online is in continued development and is scheduled to launch in early spring 2013.  Both systems were developed for CIL by OPTiMO IT – a local IT professional service provider founded in 2008 with offices in Bloomsburg, Wilkes-Barre, Virginia and Washington DC.

The Center for Independent Living, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, promotes, supports, and enhances living options for people with disabilities so that they may remain in their home and community. The Center for Independent Living’s effective network of resources, advocates, skills training, guidance and experience assists people with disabilities to gain their independence. This includes personal care, financial management, housing, medical equipment, building accessibility, transportation, civil rights and more.

Established in 1988, the Center for Independent Living (CIL) provides education, advocacy and coordination of services needed to allow individuals with disabilities to live a productive, independent life. Through individualized programs, CIL assists adults with disabilities and families with children with disabilities throughout their lives. Encouraging and providing choices, CIL allows clients control over personal budgets, shares resources, and provides freedom, resulting in a better quality of life.

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