OPTiMO Information Technology Awarded Two Contracts for the National Academy of Public Administration

Michael Miguelez, CEO of OPTiMO Information Technology announced double Federal IT Service contract awards to be performed at the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA).  OPTiMO IT professionals have already begun work on at NAPA offices on two projects focused on improving NAPA’s IT capabilities.

The first award is aimed at refreshing a NAPA sponsored website dedicated to supporting people interested in senior leadership positions at civilian agencies within the Federal Government.  The second award will see OPTiMO IT professionals assume a global IT role with NAPA.  OPTiMO will provide operations support and oversee most aspects of NAPA’s IT requirements including IT strategy development and network administration.

These contracts represent further growth for OPTiMO IT in the Federal Sector as the four year old company continues to excel in providing enterprise level IT services to Public and Private organizations.  In regard to the award, Mr. Miguelez said “Providing a client like NAPA, which was created to help people serve in the Federal Government, with the services we will fulfill is at the heart of what OPTiMO is as a company.  We employ people of the highest skill level, capable of performing at the highest level on a Federal contract, and we proudly tailor our services to the needs of the client.  These two awards, performing a diverse range of IT services for a Federal organization, represent the acknowledgement of those qualities by clients, such as NAPA, who engage OPTiMO.”

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