System Forensics

Investigation of any device that utilizes a hard disk for ESI storage.

Digitally speaking, a person leaves bits of themselves everywhere. Not just on their computer and in its various files and caches; but on any machine that uses and stores Electronically Stored Information (ESI). A gaming system such as a Playstation, XBOX or Wii. A DVR such as TiVO. An iPad or Motorola Xoom. By interacting with any machine that uses ESI a person creates a digital imprint. Systems Forensics, in the hands of a skilled investigator, in a cutting edge laboratory, can identify and extract this imprint. In a legal environment, the resulting ESI can formulate a profile built on empirical evidence. This evidence can determine the direction of eDiscovery as well as the outcome of divorce proceedings, tort actions and high crimes cases. OPTiMO Legal Solutions’ laboratory and expert investigators can yield the type of results that make a difference in those outcomes.

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