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Legal Solutions has become one of the most demanding and important sub-disciplines Information Technology of the twenty-first century. Located in Central Pennsylvania and Northeastern Pennsylvania, OPTiMO Legal Solutions is prepared to meet these demands with its state-of-the-art laboratory and highly-skilled Analysts.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is all around us. Almost every moment of every day we interact with ESI. From sending an email, to making a cell phone call, to browsing the Internet, to punching an address into your GPS system, ESI has woven its way into every aspect of our lives and leaves a digital trail of our existence with every keystroke. Private or Public, Corporate or Government, everything around us in our digital world that has a drive, or that we can input any information electronically leaves a trail – A detailed and personal trail that can prove vital in legal matters personal, corporate or criminal. The ESI evidence that can be obtained by sifting through the countless 0’s and 1’s stored on digital media can be the deciding factor for any individual or organization in their case or investigation.

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