About OPTiMO Cloud Solutions

As businesses strive to find ways to reduce technology infrastructure costs yet still increase their productivity, OPTiMO-Cloud Solutions provides a cost effective platform that offers the flexibility to deliver dynamic computing environments that meet the demands of today’s growing businesses. Our Cloud solutions include the delivery of software, infrastructure, and storage over the Internet, either as separate components or as a complete platform.

Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, providing the means through which everything from computing power to computing infrastructure to hosted business productivity applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint can be delivered to business of all sizes in a cost effective manner.

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Hosting

    With its Tier III (highest available datacenter rating) Cloud Infrastructure Facility, OPTiMO Cloud will provide your enterprise with Cloud Hosted Networks, Cloud Servers and Cloud File storage tailored to your unique needs. Your OPTiMO Cloud will meet all of your production application requirements for security, control performance and ease of integration in a completely customizable environment.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    There isn’t a leading organization in the world that doesn’t have a critical reliance on digitally stored information. Loss of information and network downtime costs North American businesses almost $30billion annually. OPTiMO Cloud Solutions Disaster Recovery Planning will secure your data and protect against staggering losses by overseeing your Application Clustering and Load Balancing, Disk Redundancy, Local Mirroring, Snapshots, Tape and Off-Site Backup and by providing a Secondary Disaster Recovery Site. All of which could reduce your Disaster Recovery costs by up to 70%.

  • Managed Hosting

    Obtain highly scalable infrastructure with the technical expertise to deliver a scalable, flexible and reliable platform for your mission-critical hosted applications with OPTiMO Cloud Solutions Managed Hosting. With seven Tier III facilities on multiple continents, OPTiMO will configure a Host Environment that encompasses the hardware, software and systems requirements under the most secure parameters at affordable, all-inclusive pricing.


  • Enterprise-Class Security for the Cloud

    Protecting your data in a digital world where potential security breaches are a constant threat to your organization’s production and ability to succeed becomes increasingly vital each day. OPTiMO Cloud Solutions offers Enterprise-Class Security with a clear and robust implementation that guarantees 24/7/365 monitoring, physically isolated data center space, biometric authentication for authorized personnel and caged CCTV cameras with detailed surveillance and audit logs. Combined with customer-controlled network configuration and 256-bit encryption at rest, 128-bit in transit, OPTiMO Cloud Solutions provides a level of Security that allows your Enterprise to function with complete confidence in its Systems Network.

Cloud Management

  • Managed Services

    Whether providing services to a large enterprise, or a small business, OPTiMO Cloud Solutions Managed Services affords any organization the ability to significantly reduce overhead, improve their carbon footprint and transition their network systems to a more secure, efficient, flexible environment by employing a powerful Cloud Solution. OPTiMO offers two customizable levels of Managed Services – Tech Ops and App Ops – which provide system monitoring, server administration, OS support, application deployment, change, data, performance and optimization management and compliance services. All of which are scalable to any organization’s specific demands.

  • Application Operations

    The factors that come into play in order for your organization to successfully and immediately deploy applications critical to your enterprise are as numerous as they can be unique. In order to keep pace with roll-outs, change management, database management, performance management and application optimization, organizations must devote a myriad of resources to ensure continuity of service. OPTiMO Cloud provides a suite of services to support your application from release through its ongoing growth and is backed by a 100% application availability service level agreement (SLA) guarantee.

  • Business Operations

    Day to day operations are an obvious and necessary tedium every enterprise must endure. However, OPTiMO Cloud Solutions can aid your enterprise so such operations can be performed more seamlessly and efficiently. By removing the burden of customer on-boarding, automated metering, invoicing, payment, end user account management, a wide range of analytics and end user support, your organization can focus on the global vision and goals of your business increasing your success and profit margins while OPTiMO seamlessly integrates solutions that streamline the tasks you have to do, so you can focus on the tasks you wish to perform.

Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Files

    Every organization faces the reality that a massive portion of their Information Technology budget is expended on the hardware to store their data files, the costs incurred to house and run those storage devices and on the IT staff that supports the storage equipment. With an API-based storage solution, OPTiMO Cloud features secure storage and retrieval of data from any location with Internet connectivity. OPTiMO Cloud Files also allows the ability to create multiple storage accounts configured for up to 10TB of data each.

Hosted Applications

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 Email

    The speed and efficiency with which organizations communicate among their staff and their clients is one of the most important facets of any operation. To this end, no application is more essential to your professionals then their email. A fast and secure email application can make a significant difference in productivity. OPTiMO Cloud Solutions solves any Enterprise’s email demands by offering the industry leading mail platform, Microsoft Exchange. Manage your email, calendars, contacts and tasks anywhere, anytime from PC and Mac devices including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad.

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010

    When you have vast amounts of information that you must share with staff or clients in the most expedient manner possible, even the broadest email pipelines may not be sufficient. Additionally, when you have large files that you don’t want to compress or showcase without any loss in quality or resolution you may require an alternative option for sharing such material. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is OPTiMO Cloud Solutions’ answer to such demands. Manage and access your organizational content from anywhere with an Internet Connection and guarantee all of your professionals will never be without the tools necessary to bring you further success.